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Even though if there is nothing on this server then also I won
t go to .ru since I don't know russian.According to me,players with lvl lower than 13 have many things to do in this game.Their whinning for updates seems ridiculous.
well guys, really...we haven't had anywhere near the same amount of events on .com than the .ru server...but isn't it better, if one has to be shut down, for a complete transfer of characters + clans over to .ru?

.com clans would have no territories--so? We have none now anyway.

.com players would not have all the new arts -- so? We can buy them.

.com players missed out on all the events -- so? We are not missing anything we never had. If we start a new character on .ru server, guess what, they missed all the events too lol...

.com players that donated tons of diamonds to the server would not feel cheated though if their characters were moved. Everyone that invested money on this server I am sure would hate to see it shut down.

I will not play lords anymore if this server shuts down and the characters are not moved. It took too long to build up my character to an "enjoyable" level, and I have contributed over 400 euros to this server to support the administration (I don't even want to check exactly how much, wife would kill me if she caught me looking up transaction history for this). Some financially challenged individuals think that people contribute real money for in game advantages...that may be the case for SMALL contributors...but the bigger contributors drop big cash because they LIKE the game and want it to stay open.

Plus, I gambled so much "diamond gold," so it didn't benefit me as much as it could have haha! Rotten roulette ^^

I would agree with 39-40, but I see a little problem in it, like a vicious circle, a dog biting is tail matter:
Who would be interested to advertise on a site where you have a midium affluence of 7-800 visitor that, let's face it, means at least (and in a very optimistic assumption) half of real player/people, (given the level of cheating in here) which are scattered on world surface?
Well, who want to stay stay, who get tired go look for other games, but let's try to be realistic, without investment (time and work) from administrator(s?) would be pretencious espect something more that what we have, and almost optimistic have the hope that this will last as we'd like
i am in favor with the people who want to have a transfer to the .ru server. the only thing that needs to be done with that is to have it have an english or russian option. if that doesnt work some translators do but it is annoying.

Tryckyster i agree that we do not have a lot of players right now but if they had at least some ads here, someone somewhere has to be interested, then used that money to advertise for this game then more players would come and then the admins could get more ad money on this site.
You believe there will be a transfer of your characters from .com to .ru???
Stop dreaming !!

Admins want to make money. That's a fact. And I do not blame them for that, it's the same I would do if I were an admin and a businessman.
They gave us the big update which brought us workaholic penalities and TGI changes and so on....
...because they want new players to buy diamonds to get a TGI and other things.

They will NEVER spend their time to transfer clans and high level players with all their bonuses - because they will make NO money from these players on .ru

Right now admins are doing two things.
They prepare a new war for .ru server.
And they are preparing a server reloctaion -
for the optimists: they will transfer your characters to .ru so you can play this great game over there.
for the realists, pessimists and others: let's hope they move .com to the new server too, because there are worse options.
one event, or 1 upgrade even if its rly great, will not fill life in server back, its not short term possible

I like this game very much, and many ppl, but this game as some ppl said long ago, is dying, most of us are from the beginning, admins had time and chance long time ago, they wasted it, server is dying slowly some time, and 1 event or 1 update will not bring many ppl to us. It will only make Us happy. Every day without info from administrtors is like one day closer to the end, and all they can do is transfer Us to .ru server, combine two alias and 2 languages in one

i play this game long time, i like it, love it, hate it and so on, many emotions, but closing this server, this great game will be end for me, surely i will not make new account on ru.

i fought hard to gain skill, hg points, merc points, thiefs points, this isnt game anymore but its like part of my life, im in work, i have time so im playing, its not like i have no life, most of us got great life, wifes, childrens, we play in work if we can, or when the evening comes some of us want to play one group battle with beer or coffee

still i have this stupid hope, that admins will think something out, and we wont be dead as people, as community and as friends too

have a nice day
Actually, in reference to post #45, you are incorrect with your reasoning in so many levels...I'll only discuss the most erroneous.

First off, several (if not most) high level players (lvl 12+) have donated at some point, and would continue to because they are "long term customers." The most expensive diamond unit upgrades are at higher levels...take a look...many level 13s have level 14 units...many level 11s have level 12 units...etc. I know if this game had a more "stable" future, at level 14, I would diamond up at least 1 new unit...if not 2...just to help the server, and increase my personal enjoyment of the game. Am I the only one with this same reasoning? Hell no...

Second, several active donating characters on this server, if not transferred, will be quitting the game entirely = massive loss of revenue. Let's face it, once you donate, you usually keep donating...if you've never donated then you wouldn't understand. But to donate, and then get a slap on the face saying "your money didn't mean jack squat," well at that point...you say "screw you" and move on.

Last, if the server stays small it is no big deal to me. I just wish they'd ban all the cheaters...but yes, if they move the game to another server, I hope .com gets moved as well, or we get transferred over with a "click here for english" option that I see in MANY sites. Translation is pretty cheap. Plenty of money to be made from the .com customers if they are just properly taken care of.

In fact, why not just make it that diamond donators get transferred? That would boost revenues up I bet...That would be less work, and would bring a lot of complaints to a minimum. People that play here for free, will just play another game for free...it's what they do...free is free. Loyal customers that have actively contributed will do everything they can to ensure they can continue to play the game they've invested in...and will continue to invest in it because such behavior follows every basic economic consumer model.

I hate Mc Donald's...food is not so tasty, and everytime I eat it, my stomache hurts. Do I still eat there? Yes...from time to time...everyone is a victim of habits and random desires haha. Even I donated more money to this server this year when things 'appeared' to get slightly better...but I only open my wallet (as many in the LoS clan) when the admins do SOMETHING we like.

Just wanted to say: "Goodbye everyone. Nice playing with/against you" in case .com just 'pops' one day.
wait for the anniversary
to #47:
"The most expensive diamond unit upgrades are at higher levels...take a look...many level 13s have level 14 units"

I just checked the top 100 players (from pos. 31 to 100 there are level 13 players) - I did NOT find a level 13 player with lvl 14 units. (you are one of them)

If you were talking about .ru - yes there are really many players with higher level troops - and that's where the admins are making their money.
Why should anyone spend money on this server? On .ru where admins respect players the donations are naturally more and, most important, they are worth it (e.g use diamond upgrade for wars). Not to mention that this server may cease to exist any day.
People are leaving
^^ No, not leaving. They just waiting ... at another planet.
administration is too few in numbers. they hardly manage to deliver updates and events to russian server (which, unlike .com, is a success), and they're always terribly late. if you knew how many things they've promised/announced on .ru, you'd know how much work they have to do.

they think that training new members (for administration) would be very long and hard, so they're not gonna do it. this is how they explained it. E.g. creating a unique visual identity for a player used to cost 500 diamonds. the price will be (or already is) increased to 1000 diamonds. why? because it's a lot of work, they don't have enough people to do it, and they would like the demand for it to drop, but so that income remains ^^

now, since they have so much work to do on their successful project, does anyone seriously thinks they would take time to merge servers, or to bring our characters there?

again, it's all up to one guy, and he looks a bit silly ^^
if Arctic would agree to do everything by himself, and if he could somehow be allowed to do it by himself, maybe you'd have your characters on .ru, option to view the site in English and whatever is necessary. but i don't think that this will really happen. anyway, if no one asked him so far, i will. it's worth a shot.

and, probably these are the last days of this server
it was a lot of fun for most of us, i think :)
Damn, this server is dying! Many friend of me between lvl6 -10 have left this game.
for RADO:
go to the russian server))
TGI change is not wise. This change enforce many lv6+ player leaving this game, which will finally ruin this game.
Faking Dead!!

You wasted your time doing that lol...a lot of players have ONE level 14 monster at level 13, mine is the Senior Genie. But I actively play 4 factions....

Modi has Thunderbirds. Arthedian has Thunderbirds. Cipa has Nightmares. I have Senior Genies.

These are already 4 from just my clan that I remember from the top of my head at level 13. I know my clan isn't the only one with donors in it lol.

I have spoken with several level 14 players that said they would diamond up some level 15 units if 2 conditions were met: 1. The unit was created and put up for sale, and 2. The Administration showed us that .com was not going to vanish in a few weeks, etc. Trust must be earned.

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