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isnt lvl 10 unfair because of elves?


Authorisnt lvl 10 unfair because of elves?
what do you think..?
dark elves or normal elves?
?? what is your exact goal for this threat? how come elves are unfair?
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You hate it so bad? ... become an elf

and I dont agree with you. Elves are good at hunts because of their phantoms but dont excel at every other form of battle
lol elves are the easiest kill..
why should they be unfair? just wondering, dont see any unfair on em.
elves get GMB at lvl 10....maybe cuz' of them that's he's saying that it becomes unfair.....but other factions also get upgrades dude!!!
what do you think..?

so you say GMB is too powerful?You would try use your GMB to shoot a lvl 10 knight's upgrade : Guardian

so is guardian unfair as well?
orcs chiefs can kill easily GMB.how can unfair?:)
They r not at all unfair
so you say GMB is too powerful?You would try use your GMB to shoot a lvl 10 knight's upgrade : Guardian

that's what i'm sayong dude....other factions get upgrades but atlast all faction's troop r equal n winning depends on arts n tactics n luck!!
Who said ? they die fast in the hand of Orc Chiefs and Skelies Bowmen ... coz elves have too low defence and HPS
You hate it so bad? ... become an elf
first look at TS faction levels:
Knight: 0 (14.93) +5.1
Necromancer: 0 (0.00) +20.0
Wizard: 0 (0.00) +20.0
Elf: 5 (287.76) +212.2
Barbarian: 2 (89.55) +0.5
Dark elf: 5 (355.91) +144.1
Demon: 0 (0.58) +19.4

His already an elf.. and dark and light...
so TS waining because elves are to weak or because they are to strong? IMHO they in balance, and it's hard to tell that is on TS's mind
Hmm .. they are not too strong .. but at level 12 and up .. I often see that Elves rarely bring the Bowmen .. they die too fast .. better the Anchorites or Druids .. they are hard to die
maybe he whines but then.. he split his FSP so much around.. of course he is not an elf of full strength. btw it seem he doesn't have the courage to answer here again.
its depend how you use it..GMB is good at hunting such as hunt those creature that with many number in stack example farmer..if your luck is high enough you might get 2 hit that with luck and sometime comes with critical shot

don't just compare dude learn how to play the game and not how to whine about it
isnt lvl 10 unfair because of elves?

this is certain :}} actually the whole game is unfair because of the elves. in order to register as an elf, one needs to pass a number of IQ tests and trials, so only the most skilled and honoured are allowed to call themselves Elves.
i think, is very hard to balance game with such posibilities, like Lowm is

you could have same units, only with different names and pictures, or you could have really different units, but there is always problem with balance

as i look on elves, i think the worst unit is treeman, because lots of the time is useless play in this game on defense, only attack count, so...

but i am not complaining this way, yes i hate sometimes(maybe more then sometimes:-P) economy here, but not fighting:-) its great
and i think balance betweem units is good too:-)

(hope you understand my czenglish :-P)
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