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How to be a Magic Demon at lvl 9??
Show some effort and search the forum so no need for new topics all the time:

Check this:


- Ciran
for Ciran:
No answer for my Question
thats no qeustion forum=)

check this:


or this:

demon faction topic is too old. You cant post in it anymore
So you can continu here, or someone has to make a new demon faction topic.
to continue old one i'll answer my own question from the end of it: how to beat hob build defensive playing barbarian at level 6

you need +def so your succubi aren't cake for the orcs

4 stacks only.. gate all so able to attack hobs, succubi attacks orcs .. delay on orcs (sp3 ideally) .. take a hit from ogre, attack hobs with wolf and throw all other stacks at it .. delay ogre .. send wolf onto orcs and all else on ogre

best i can come up with, took me to lv7 to achieve it and the barb helped me by splitting his ogres up, but, i think it's the strongest strat
4 stacks only..
do you mean 4 stacks of succu?
Also if you throw wolfs at hobs, you lose half your wolfs unless you hit luck on that move? what then?
no i mean 4 stacks total so as not to buff the orcs with stack deaths

as i said you need +def.. you shouldn't lose more than 10 without luck

enough left to battle the orcs
to darmogathel: i have seen a magic demon with mass disurption ray in level 8, who was very strong with this tactic.... but i dont know whats it about in lev 9
hey i am level 3 demon i want to ask you just send me a message (when you are in the combat you have 0 mana and when spawns drain mana do you have the mana and can you use it oh ya i forgot and whan you have 0 knowlendge
yes, then you will get 3 / 0 mana (example)
no, you cant)) cauz at lvl 3 you dont habe - 1. magic guild=no spells 2. you dont have spawns but imps - imps just drain mana from ennemy hero but they dont transfer it to you, need spawns for this.
he can have spawns if he use diamonds ^^ but still no magic guild, though..
This topic is long since last update and considered obsolete for further discussions.
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