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Happy April Fool's day . . . creatures in battle! xD


AuthorHappy April Fool's day . . . creatures in battle! xD
Anyone yet to notic the creatures in battle? xD

Especially shrews! lol Big b00bs. xD
Yeah Forest Keepers with Light Sabres, Faeries with a UFO on their head, and Elven Bowmen with rocket launchers XD

Nice, admins :D
did Nightmares fear attack and intimidation aura ability still work with the new faces??? =P
ye smile =]
Death Envoy so funny!!!
LOL look at lizard calvery :)
grifs and monks so funny=)
zombies got scholarship
do u see aspirritions ))
The administration thinks it ridiculously? It is a shame. A kindergarten. Would not be dishonoured
for Ukrop:
Yep, but can't read the sign....
apparitions* sorry
Administration thanks!!
You remember us!!!

Its in Russian language ryt?
10# at least once a year and you can laugh
lol xbow have gun
and swwordsmen have bucket on thier head
apparitions tablet in hands with an inscription on rus language: "return halves in Hg" "return fights whithout AP in Hg and Mg"
for dmitriyns:
Thanks))) I think the admins should.
My hydras are pink --__--
apparitions the best!
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