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Happy April Fool's day . . . creatures in battle! xD


AuthorHappy April Fool's day . . . creatures in battle! xD
see this combat
great job admins
devils have flowers! lol!
xbow with rifle, griffin become red crazy chcky XD
anybody seen orcs and wolf raisers xD
Ogre and Cyclops are funny....!
Cyclop throw his head
>>> LOL
I wonder who said there are not going to be updates... =)
so this is what they were doing
lizard calvary that people is sleeping on the lizard ahahahahahaaaaa
Is this part of april fool?
I have to type this in enrollment: https://www.lordswm.com/i/integrals/int6.gif
for SpecialOne:
Just type anything.
yes the maths equation :)

minatours is holding candy stick and fight ahaahaa
for EROCS:
yes, I already did that :))
only russians understand what i write next:
oteto cicbki u rogues))
Cave demons have a crutch lol
Antos's angel's wing changed into butterfly wing ahahahaa

for you all who want to see the new creature's look just look for someone that is on that faction and see it ;D
sorry double post


look at guardian!

The enroll code is crazy
minos with red balloons instead of axes .... LOL
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