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New Enrolling Codes !


AuthorNew Enrolling Codes !
News as in ru. :

Ru. Enroll News :

The world is witnessing an economic revolution, comparable in scope to the industrial revolution of past centuries. Changing mode of production - if the last 200 years, the employee was attached to the machines and means of production, absorb the bulk of capital expenditure, in the new economy, the computer acts as a universal means of production on realizing the unique abilities of the employee. In the new economy is and pay for highly skilled workers accounted for the bulk of costs.

It puts Russia to the need to provide a massive level of education according to the new economy. School must provide an effective, ready for productive use of knowledge of information technology, English language, mathematics. Vocational schools should teach current and future technologies .

When we won the state award Runet 2009, our project was seen by the Ministry of Education. Not so long ago we received a request from Morph to support the ongoing reform of education and in our game, pull up school uniform before exams, to prepare students for the session, to raise the skills for graduates. After agreeing on the details, we decided to take part in state reform. Now for a job in the game characters need to solve a simple arithmetic example. All results will be stored, analyzed and sent to schools by place of residence of players, as well as the Ministry of Education. We will apply that to the heroes who chose most of the examples is correct, have the advantage of taking the exam, test, until the automatic deposit of the fine, and also had an advantage in access to or claimed for salary increases. We will do everything possible that would in the future to assess your knowledge in place the requirements was enough to call nick your hero.


But personally it makes enrolling easier , typing anything in the box enables us to enroll . Not worth it really !
So it's it april false or an update?
This scared crap out of me, at least at first...

Yea - i surprised a little...
This scared crap out of me, at least at first...

No it is not an april fool , it is a measure by ru. to take the initiative in educating people in preliminary maths , or rather educating the students !
Merc creatures arnt affected by the change
preliminary maths
You call integrals preliminary math?! Yeah, preliminary to multi-variable calculus...
Hey. With First April!!! You can don`t mind which code you Enter)))
i solved my equation :)
i solved my equation :)

too easy...
They should give us some physics problems;)
Wow! I never thought higher mathematics was so easy. :-D
I solved that math problem.
Is there a revard for this ?
we can type anything
Hehe they should make it harder :)
Give us some advanced stuff XD
I dont even know the symbols :)
April fool

I found this funny, at least the admins have a sense of humour : )
Arctic should come and tell us they're going to close the server. Then: APRIL'S FOOL! :D
what de.i don"t know how to do.how to encol in future
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