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Donation via PayPal 0% fee


AuthorDonation via PayPal 0% fee
It's good to see PayPal service restored, since it's clearly one of the most common means of payment around (can't speak for Russia, but in Europe, it clearly is.)
you are right, paypal is convenient mainly for people outside russia and east europe. we have like dozen other ways to help the project but some of them take a small fee.

i have just noticed the dealer's message on the .ru forum which is a bit more detailed. the emphasis in their success is not on restoring the paypal payment but on restoring it with 0% fee. thus, my assumption is that 2 months ago paypal just wanted to start taking some % fee from the transactions which wasn't met with rapture by our odmen and led to the service's temporary suspension.
Why wouldn't they give us the same detailed info as on .ru ?

All hail our spy to the Russians ;-)
hahah :D there is nothing hidden to spy for :} but i guess they are a bit cheap on any kind of stuff as it comes to .com ;}
Maybe they should make a church in the game, and if you pray, then it increases the morale

Would be rather unfair on necros
Oh, no... I never said the morale of the characters... ;)
As a lot of other people, even if paypal is back, they wont get any money from me if they dont show a real interest in that server.
agreed Dan-Panic i want to see that they still know we are here!
Oh, no... I never said the morale of the characters... ;)
Necro's creatures also have no morale.

Also note that, at the end of his message, the dealer said Good luck
I wonder why he said that?
Why not "Start donating!" or something to that extent?
Let's donate 1$ for each blocked or punished cheater :)
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