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Mage Dark Elfs Tips(MDET)


AuthorMage Dark Elfs Tips(MDET)
Shibbolleth, i didn't read your post before, i'm was making my own strategy by trial and error. But i'm very surprised the similitude between both, i think almost the same. Very useful, but a little later for me the ideas from Jiang( level 5 now)
The basic idea is use your player as the missing shooter. And magic arrow is a very useful spell for this.

Now i'm going to get level 6 and need to choose a good talent. I want to be a magic DE, but not forget some melee (never put all in one card alone hehe). I have Erudition, to get Intellect for more mana. Some suggerences? Elemental call is worth the taking? Basic chaos?...
LvL 5-7

The things you should think about is to upgrade SP and knowledge
you can get DEf and Att from arts,but magic arts are expensive so think about that
Poisoners are just a waste,so DONT WASTE YOUR MONEY!!!
if you have shrews at this level,good for you:)
At this level its pretty hard to win against elves so dont try
I remember when i owned a lvl 6 with shrews
i was only lvl 5.I do not recommend facing elves,but if you want to then give it a try.
Do as many Mercenaries Quests as you can, as they bring elements.
On lvl 6 you can enchant or repair,but i would wait with that. except you have some real money like 200.000 gold or more.If you start with that then now you can build warehouse.

Barbs are best at lvl 7,just want to be sure you know that

Some strategies:
If you play against barb,its gonna be really hard,like fighting an hard
BArbs have magic proof,making magic less efective,but DE have piercing through
magic defenses so 1+ for you
orcs shall be your main target,and dont split so much when fighting them
you will just give orcs some +att(And you dont want that)except you can kill orcs fast,but dont forget the hobs/wolfs,kill them after only 1-7 orcs left.
Ogres are just like minotaurs(High HP,good dmg but slow)
only have 3 Morale and 5 spd but less hp and dmg than ogres.
You can kill 7-10 ogres with 10-15 minos and 5 rogues,or 15 rogues and 5 minos
both work fine.

If you play against Elves,kill EB as FAST AS YOU CAN,else they can kill your rogues in 1-2 turns
Also remember to watch out for druids cause they can light up your lizards.
and then you got FKs(or EFKs)which first target is rogues,then liz and at last minos.Its really hard to get through druids and then kill bows before theirs 2nd turn.You can get some serious Intiniative arts if you have money.
OR at lvl 7 buy so many Magic arts you can and kill druids spikes.But i wouldnt do that.
Poisoners are just a waste,so DONT WASTE YOUR MONEY!!
For a magic DE, poisoners are must if he wants to perform well.They have good HP and defense.The most useful thing about them for magic DE is poisoning with will do damage independent of enemy's defense. Without attack rougues will simply die out of enemies retaliation especially if they are ogres.

You can kill 7-10 ogres with 10-15 minos and 5 rogues,or 15 rogues and 5 minos

Don't underestimate orges. When I was in lvl6 , I hit 7-8 ogres with a stack of 22 minos.Thier retail killed my 11 mino with luck.Without luck, they could kill 5-6 mino with retail alone.Recently, I had a fight with a barb.Both of us had their status concentrated on attack. I charged with my 10 lizzy on 10 ogres and killed just 4.The 6 ogres retailed with luck killing 6 lizzy(so without luck 3 lizyy, half of the troops) So no need to speak if you have all your points(or atleast some) concentrated on SP and knowledge.You can't take out 10 ogres of an opponent with same AP as you with those no. of troops.If you are semi magic, better curse them before attacking them.
Poisoners are good for might build cause there faster then lizard calvary allowing them to take retail for lizard calvary
Jiang, i dont understand this

"if you have shrews at this level,good for you:)
At this level its pretty hard to win against elves so dont try
I remember when i owned a lvl 6 with shrews"

Shrews only are avalilable at 8 level!!! Is there a way to get it before?
by buying diamonds and building the upgrade building
dark elfs are strong but are small in numbers
That's called Balancing >_>
Rogues/Shrews attack but not return to original place?
Player banned by moderator Lord STB until 2014-08-04 01:46:28 // FR 2.8 / Archeology. Please do not bump such an old thread.
You fill find almost everything worth knowing about DE here:
It is also a good place to discuss more advanced topics such as strategy. Simpler questions should be asked in the Q&H section.

There are a couple of things I don't agree with in this thread and it in the wrong section. Closing thread.

Try holding down SHIFT when attacking with Shrews/Rogues. SHIFT also works with shooters.
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