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rutiger ----> lvl 12!!!!

Authorrutiger ----> lvl 12!!!!
Dunno why my previous post was deleted, even if the title was... improper? That was an offense for a player that can crush u all and can make u all put ur knees on the ground with ur head at the height of the waist.

Is rutiger!! Be afraid all of u lvl 12!! The big ownin is comin' and only the most brave will have the guts to face them!! Cry mere mortal!! Pain!!
Gratz :-) . Let me close the xp distance between you and we can have daily gbs .

long string violation. that's why the topic get closed and you get banned.

anyway, congrate
Gratz mate!
   Congratulations again!

 You are so good we congratulate you twice.
gratz bro :)
Gratz rut
gratzzzz again :P
Gratz mate!
Congrats :)
lol, thanks all twice! :p
gratz, waiting you in 12-14 full ap gb's :P
This topic is long since last update and considered obsolete for further discussions.
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