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Atention! Atention! ... Dziadu The Thief's GUILD lvl 7 !!!


AuthorAtention! Atention! ... Dziadu The Thief's GUILD lvl 7 !!!
Dear Wanderer!

Do You ever dreamed - of a safe journey - when tired after numerous battles, you would like to rest your stout arms, on the shores of the Yellow Lake?

Do You ever thought - sneak in unnoticed - when you wanted admire the beautiful gardens of Blooming Glade?

Do You ever wish - check the speed of your favorite horse - on the plains of Misty Coast?


You can forget about the pleasure of safe travels, abandon dreams about great journeys ...

... Nefarious, Outcast - Dziadu - deceitful and vengeful, the biggest thug of all time - He get at last 7th lvl in the THIEF GUILD HIERARCHY ...

... let us bow down to him - and most immediately - let's send him our purses!
!!! GRATZ !!!
gratz....Calm down :Atention! Atention! ... Dziadu The Thief's GUILD lvl 7 !!! this would be enough : * Dziadu,thiefs guild lvl 7!!* would have been enough ANYWAY grats
!!! GRATZ !!!
gratz buddy!
heheh thx, Ahnazar is a poet ^^
Gratz, huge achievement.
Nice poetry btw :)
A lot of time and effort to achieve this!

  Congratulations !!!
Congrats. Nice bit of flair in the writing of the 1st post.
Grats!! really u did hard work =)


MasterTI ahead 1 point of you LOL
Gratz! Welcome to this exclusive club. :)
Wow That Is Beutifull!
gratz but nothing special abt it :)
gratz :)
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