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WIZARD faction: Stats, Talents, Tactics, Strategy


AuthorWIZARD faction: Stats, Talents, Tactics, Strategy
oh sry, added up the stacks wrong.
and i forgot to add, you could try to use wiz cap, cape of spirits in your min ap set. i find the best set is leather armour, steel blade, round shield and the other two. this set is not much costlier than the cheapest possible set. then you can use points from erudition for knowledge instead of spell power (so that you do not have to wait for so much mana).
half might half magic

at first I chose
adv. chaos + fire dominion +basic erudition

this worked very well against melee elf and might demon
however,mana would not be enough when fighting wiz/nec/kni,they have too much hp
and the most important is that still have no chance facing barb

the last 4 battle
I changed to
adv. sorcery +mana recovery +basic chaos
with this , I have more mana,however,lower spell damage and melee damage

does anyone has better idea?
or maybe lv11 is not for half wiz =P
wat talents should i chose lvl 8
I used to use Basic Erudition + Intellect + Basic Sorcery

In some cases I used Mana Recovery instead of Basic Erudition, but usually Intellect is better.
instead of Intellect*

Sorry for double-post
@22: adv. sorcery(14) +mana recovery(7) +basic chaos(10)... don't you have 40 talent points? you can take another talent, like basic erudition and increase spell power

OR basic chaos, fire dominion, basic erudition, intellect - erudition will give you 2 spell power, intellect will give you enough mana.
level 8 wiz talents
erudtion intelect magic mirror
erudtion intellect basic sorcery
and. how much knowledge?
erudtion intelect magic mirror is only good in group battles, and even then i find that sorcery is better. your hero's initiative becomes 11 which is extremely useful in all cases. so i would agree with TBI.

best amount of knowledge is 3-4. when you need lots of mana (hunts, tourney) you can put erudition points into knowledge and take intellect.
i have 5 knowledge plus intelect
Had I done anything wrong in this battle?

I separate wizard into three stacks for more damage,

and just want to finish 1 lorekeeper stack first in case they spell again.

I knew they will use fireball when magi separate, and use punches when magi all in one stack.

Here is the log, please give my some idea.

sorry for double post.

correct "I separate magi into"
your battle was fine, nothing wrong, just one suggestion:

keep your magi separate, but far away from each other, so that a fireball spell will only hit 2 stacks maximum. so your settlement should be:

magi [space] magi [space] magi
[space] garg [space] gol [space]

then they will fire 2 magi stacks, and gargs (since golems have shield). once those are dead, i think they will use punch.
magi [space] magi [space] magi
[space] garg [space] gol [space]

now I know the problem, thank you :)

really frustrating :(
u did good tho
u thank this a good tactic

@36: wow that is just really unlucky

you used good tactics, but there are some things you can do, specially against thugs and poisoners:

1. change recruiting. less magi, more golems. you need to have as many tanks as possible, and golems can't get poisoned. i think the best recruiting is 64 gargs, 23 gol, 4 genies, 8 magi. (or 5 genies, 6 magi)

2. change mini-arts to defense and hit points for golems, hit points and speed for gargs. again, this is because you need to have tanks, and you need to run. it might even be a good idea to give gargs defense and hit points, because most of the damage is done through shots, and anyways it is quite difficult to run from thugs.

3. more spell power: use cape of spirits and/or wiz cap. you can still have a relatively cheap min ap set, like cape + steel blade + leather armour + defender shield.


lv5 all top 5 =D
lv6 1 got 1st grade
lv7 1st*1 4th*1
lv8 1st*1 2nd*1 3rd*1 4th 5th
lv9 1st*2 3rd*1 4th 5th
lv10 2nd*1 4th 5th
lv11 3rd*1 4th*1
lv12 only 1 got 6th.......
lv13 5th
lv14 Kusika got 5th and Jabbar got 1 point out of only one battle =D

Looks like that Wizards are great at lv5,8 and 9,right after getting new units(and they're powerful ones).However,wizards seem to have some difficulties dealing with high level players.

btw,I get wizard top 1 at lv11 =P
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