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-Barbarian faction: Stats, Talent, Tactics, Recruiting etc..


Author-Barbarian faction: Stats, Talent, Tactics, Recruiting etc..
for BumsenBarb:

u may have wolf riders which are very useful for taking retaliation.... better follow my recruiting
i have this problem.i have -2 luck.i am lvl 4.any opinion.
for Dragoon77:

You "Fled from combat: luck -2 till 13:42 ". So try to be a good sportsman and play the battles next time ;)
at level 7 barb is best faction
i have some fights which proves it come on my home page and see all

i use basic offence,battle fury and basic luck at level 8

can any 1 tell me how to defeat knight at level 8?
cross cant be killed with orcs and monks+cros kills orc
also cant send rocks in front as cross will deal 4 times more damage + if transport ogres they will also die
The only thing you can do is try to create a hole in the wall in front of the Xbows with your orcs and have your rocs ready to transport th ogres in the that hole. You ogres get pounded but it can give you the needed edge. it's still a gamble.
birds can lift max 12 and they have swdmen in front which r difficult to kill with orcs not only that griff have high initative which will kill birds
Try splitting orcs to 4-5 stacks so xbows have a long time to kill them. Than, kill swords with heroes (note, take thrusting might). Meantime, try kill griffs with rocs. Once griffs is killed everything gets easy
@great_barb. Most knights keep the guardians as 1 big stack, so there is generally 1 spot around the Xbow with only a 1 man unit. That's where you need to make the hole.

Sometimes certain level match ups are rough. Barb vs Knight is not so great at that level. Wiz vs Barb at any level sucks for the Wiz.At level 10 barbs nearly always crush elves. it's a bit of paper scissors rock at times.
not to step on anyones feet, but, beating knights as barb in lv 8 with equal ap is not big deal if you do the right things, their griff generally moves into attacking position, create whole at corss and get orge in and HIT cross, this deals quite some dmg to it :)

furthermore get wolf raiders in range of swordmen (if they hit ogre) so in many situations they do not hit the ogre, since it will cause their swordmen to die

furthermore you should take down griffs with orcs/rocs in the next move, unless you can't keep monks from shooting.
recruiting for tourney anyone so far i got full wolfs, rocs, ogres or orcs i think thn hobs is that right?
In the past i've brought max wolfs. Wrong, they are large creature (easy to be hit from multiple targets) and their first hit do less dmg than hobs.
So, for tournament, i would go for max orcs, max hobs, then enough ogres and rocs.
birds can lift max 12 false, they can lift number, maximum twice of their number, for example 2 can carry 4, 5 - 10, 8 - 16. =)
i have only 325 exp to get to level 5 but i dont have the money to build my castle now.any opinion?
basic luck you need man
i suggest u 2 only work n work
when u will get work holic penalty then play 1 hunt

work holic penalty is enabled when u works fr 10 times without playing any combats
so,what does work holic penalty do...?
i just got to level 5.i don't know a thing about talents.can u help me out?
Workerholic penalty is when you enroled over 10 times without winning a combat, then your wage gets from x0.9 from the original, then 0.8, 0.7 ... till 0.1, until you win a combat again. It can be any combat.

Talent is like a bonus you have on your character you can get, which cost points when you choose one. You can get like luck, morale, more melee damage, more hero damage etc.

For level 6 toruney and level 7, are wolf raiders more useful than hobs?
which talents should i get in level 5?
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