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-Barbarian faction: Stats, Talent, Tactics, Recruiting etc..


Author-Barbarian faction: Stats, Talent, Tactics, Recruiting etc..
for Dragoon77:
Basic Fortune

for Clemency:
Probably hobs but you could try raiders
can u suggest A good recruiting on lvl 5?
Max hobs, orcs than ogres.
Oh yeah if you dont have hobs than max orcs, wolfs than ogres
i am new to this faction can anyone tell me are hobgolins powerfull than wolf riders
iam lvl 5 & i dont have hobs?why?
for Adityapooja123:
Yes they are but when you are turning into a higher level, wolves are better

for Dragoon77:
You need to build a building called Hob Hall
at lvl 5 talent u shud learn is
thrusting might or basic luck
depends on ur choice

and on lvl 6 and lvl 7 no other option
u shud learn basic offence and battle fury
basic luck
Hey guys, for talents at lvl8 would i need battle fury? yes i no its very important but is there other talent combinations we could use?
Could some players offer some tips for a lvl4 barb playing in the tournament with only a round shield?
Like troops set outs ect
for filowarrior:
Well no, Battle Fury is the best talent for a barbarian since creation

for staurakas:
Try studying and watching other barbs play , the onces which have won the tournament before. For troops set up, I recommend max orcs, wolf riders than goblins.
What are good talents for lvl 13 with racial skill 6?
srry for double post what is a good recruitng too, combined with talents
Depends on mostly what you are gonna do on lvl 13.
is hobs needed in lvl 5?
for Dragoon77:
Yes, but if you dont have money, wolf riders do good.
well at lvl 13 what is good for gb? i mean ogre or hobos and with what talents and what is good for merc, quests and what talents and what is good for thief and what talents
for Darkwalker29:
Well I'm not really a level 13 but I can probably help out a bit..

for GB, talents should be Expert Offense, Battle fury, Thrusting Might, Weighty Weapons, Cold Blade (or Archery).

for Merc, talents should be Advance Offense, Battle Fury, Cold blade (or Archery), Advance Fortune.

for thieving, talents are probably same as merc quest.

Hope it helps.
in many cases i ve felt more capable wid hobs instead of raiders.... i ve bought them already but except tourneys n consp quests i use them everywehre...

am i doin wrong? r hobs better for 1v1 against certain factions cuz i remember that mostly when i battle wid elves usin hobs i win but wid raiders i lose...

i m a lv.8 barb pls tell me the best recruiting...
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