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Avatar making!

AuthorAvatar making!
To Admins:
This might not be the right place to advertise my Avatar making topic but since I don't know where to I was hoping you could help me by fixing it.

For all of you players who need an Avatar for you, your relative or your friend, I offer you my services.
I only make static Avatars but they look good anyway so I suggest you to try them. If you don't like it then no problem, I refund 100%.

Just some things:

If you want an avatar you must pay first,
if you don't like it I give you back the money.
If you decide to keep them and return them latter,
I will return only 15% of the worth.

Now the price varies from 1000-2000 gold depending on the details of the Avatar. Hardly you can reach the worth of 2000 but someone who wants a very beautiful one can. All you have to do is tell me what to write in the picture, of corse you can choose a picture yourself if you want, otherwise I can choose a good one for you, and tell me what details you want.
Leave the rest to me!

Hope you enjoy! Don't hezitate! Try it!
And by the way, just PM me for the Avatar.
You can see some at my Avatar photos.
Try it, what can you lose?
Sorry, my bad the price of any Avatar is only 1000 gold, but I assure you it's worth it.
umm avatar making is meant to go misc
Read the beggining of the first message.
Check out some cool avatars at my personal photos.
I THINK this should be in the Miscellaneous
Best avatars ever :) thanks pal
Topic moved from "Creative works" to "Miscellaneous".
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