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Get Well Message Edwin1908


AuthorGet Well Message Edwin1908
Hang in there buddy, forget about this game, and rest up :)

I'm sure you'll have a great story to tell once you're back and running.

tell us the hospital were u are, i will send u a couple of nurse friends :)

get well!!
enjoy the morphine. ^_^

oh, and get well soon too..
Use some estates so you recover 33% faster !!
get well sooon
Hope you a speedy recovery! I've been there too... I know how it feels and I know it sux:(

You need to relax and not move for months -_- find something interesting to do...
Ouch :/ Get well soon!
My brightest wishes to say....HOPE YOU GET WELL SOON.....
Take computer to the hospital when you are off the drugs.

get well soon
Edwin is online now!!!
Character went offline at 03:09, 09-27-10
Dont worry about the time playing you miss(ed), you will more than make up for it recovering at home.

Get well soon.
Get well soon bro, aren't you glad this game isn't played like dear ol' football? xD

Don't go breaking the other leg just for the nurses now ;)
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