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Avatar Service

AuthorAvatar Service
Awesome avatars with name to be made by me.
Costs will be from 1500-2500.

Max time taken to make an avatar is 12 hours, if even a second later than that, you get the avatar for free!

Avatars will be remade twice for free. (If you don't like it)

Express Avatars: Max time is 1 hour. Costs are 1750-2750.

Military Clan avatars will be made for 1500gold flat!

Mistaken Avatars: If some spelling or picture is wrong, you will get 10% Discount on your avatars.

Make all Sort of avatars.

For buying,
Contact me.

Exclusive Offer:
As of 9th October , my birthday, I am making avatars for free from server time 6:00 - 12:00. Send messages with Details if want an avatar. Avatars can be taken any time. Messages must be between the given time.

Customer List:
If anybody want to make a avatar than tell to narutoayan because he is a good avatar maker
i want an avatar...

a nice lookin anime which suits barbarian's strength,hostility and harshness with a name - virtual_vitrea being in an elegant motion in the anime.

the name - virtual_vitrea should style and reflect the theme of my avatar.
He made mine and Im very happy with it. :D
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