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AuthorNew story
Here is a story I am starting that I want to share with LWM. It is based off the LWM game, with inspiration from the thread "The Alenia Scrolls."


The sleepy little village awoke to the sound of ringing bells. The rooster crowed, and children started on morning chores. Tired guards were replaced by rested ones. Already the first early-birds had gathered in the marketplace.
Lucas, the baker's son, was delivering fresh bread to the lord's house. Outside, he was let into the kitchen by the kindly maid. Savory aromas arose from the pig on a spit for breakfast. "Hows the bakery doing?" asked the maid?
"Fine," replied Lucas, "we sold a large batch of rye bread yesterday."
"Glad to hear it."
Lucas left the house and returned just in time to take out the cookies. His father, Marc, yawned from the doorway, startling Lucas almost till he dropped the hot wafers. "Sorry," he said. Lucas set the tray on a table and walked past his father, shoving him. "Sorry," he said sarcastically with a smile. He went to milk the cow, who's sweet cream provided flavor for the goods.
After this tedious job, Lucas went to the guardhouse. He always enjoyed looking at the tall men with gleaming swords who protected their towm. Lucas had always wanted to join their ranks someday, leaving the bakery to his younger brother. Lucas was 13, waiting to enter into manhood at 20 and choose his trade. Baking is just the beginning, he thought.
He hailed one of the guards on the wall. The man came down and engaged Lucas in conversation. "Got any biscuits for me today, Luke?" he asked.
"Nope, but I have a sugar cookie, straight from the oven," replied Lucas to the smiling guard.
"Thanks kid. I get hungry watching all day."
Lucas returned to his house, passing a well-dressed boy and his body-guard on their way to school. Only the wealthy could afford to send their children to school. Lucas didn't care; his life was better without more work to do. =)
Back at home, he did the rest of his chores and went to play in their backyard. "Lucas," called his mother, "time to come in!"
He went inside, and promptly after dinner, went to bed.

8 years later...
I will need comments, because there is more to the story but I will only post it if u like this style. The intro is kind of irrelevant to the story line, but it's the intro. =) Here is a bit of the next part:

"Get up you lumps of lard!" shouted the captain. Lucas didn't want to leave his warm bed and do duty on the wall. Sighing, he went over to the washstand and splashed his face with cold water...

When he was 15, a pestilence had swept through the village, killing his entire family; therefore forcing Lucas to sell the bakery and join the guards at a young age, the only job that always had open spots...
"Get up you lumps of lard!" shouted the captain. Lucas didn't want to leave his warm bed and rise to du duty on the wall. Sighing, he went over to the washstand and splashed his face with cold water. He then pulled on his padded mail coat and donned his shining helmet. Up on all the wall, he had all the time to think.
A lot had happened since the bakery. When he was 15, a pestilence had swept through the village, killing his entire family, forcing Lucas to sell the bakery. He then joined the guard at a young age, and turned out to be skilled at the art of swordplay.
He returned his mind to his watch, and scanned the surrounding forests quickly, thank again sank into a half-sleep. Suddenly, the rustling of bushes caught his eye. Since there was no wind, not even a breeze, he went down to investigate. Once there, he cautiously moved the bushes apart with his sword, and found...a dead rabbit caught in a trap, still twitching. Disgusted at his curiosity and the strangely mangled rabbit, he turned back to the village gate. "Look out!" shouted a guard on the wall. Lucas turned quickly, slashing with his sword at whatever the guard was warning him about...
Pretty good so far. I like the cliffhanger on number three, i wonder what was in the bushes (somehow I doubt it was the twitching rabbit that attacks him.) I'll check back when there are some more posts.
The hellhound gave a yell of pain as Lucas' sword sliced deeply into its side. Flame burst from the cut, and the sword grew so hot that Lucas was forced to drop it. The hellhound kept coming, at a somewhat considerably lower pace. Lucas drew his dagger, and sending a quick prayer to God, threw it at the flaming creature. The dagger sank into the dog's eye, hitting its brain and dropping it dead at his feet.
The hellhound's body erupted in smoke-less flames and disappeared, leaving a small pile of ashes where its body had lain. Lucas, panting with fear, retrieved his now cool sword quickly and ran back to the village. Once there, he was surround by a crowd of mixed townfolk and soliers. "What was that?" he shouted over the din to anyone who would answer. The villagers were murmuring among themselves. "A hellhound," came a grave voice. An old man, fat from laziness, came out of a small house and hobbled over to Lucas on a particulary long cane. "They come from the underworld; Hell, as you may know it; to hunt on the surface for their masters."
"What is your name, sir?" asked Lucas.
"I have many, and none, but you may call me Rutherbane." the man replied. He turned quickly for one such as he and disappeared within his hut. Lucas ventured to go inside to inquire more about the hellhound and the underworld, but found the door locked. He left to the guardhouse, and lay down on his cot, succumbing quickly to sleep partially through fear of the real world, and tiredness from running around a lot with his heavy armor.
in last comment error: "...considerably Slower pace..."
Lucas was on guard duty again, this time in the night. He and his friend, John, were stationed above the main gate when a horseman burst out of the forest, pursued by a group of small, strange-looking creatures. He wore the coat-of-arms of a mercenary, but right now sides didn't matter. The creatures, though small and gangly, were fast, gaining on the tiring horse. They had small wings on their backs with devilish tails. "Open the gate!" Lucas shouted. The large wooden doors, dotted with metal studs, creaked open slowy. Lucas dashed down to it and attacked the imps, after moving aside for the horseman. He quickly killed three, then the remaining four pulled him down. The end was near when John, a bit slower than Lucas, arrived. He slashed and hacked with his sword, killing two, and the remainder ran off into the forest, both severely wounded. They heard the sound of hoofsteps and saw the horseman coming twords them. Now that they had a closer look, they say that he was wounded deeply. His breath came in gasps, but before he passed, he managed to say, "Town...under attack...flames!" He slipped off his horse and fell to the ground, unable to keep his balance due to weakness. "Quick! We must take him to a healer," John said. They picked the man up, only to find that he was sadly dead. Lucas looked at John, and found John looking at him. What were they to do?
The next day the man was buried in the church graveyard, a bit away from the rest, as he was a mercenary. Mercenaries were seen as people who only fought for money, and cared little about what cause they were fighting for. The wound was examined before the burial. It looked to be the cause of a severe burn, and was afterwards stabbed in the exact place. The healer and wise men of the village were baffled by this and the man's last words.
Just to be safe, the village leader had taken in all supplies possible to the town and sealed the gate with extra beams supporting it. Bowmen were placed on the walls, and scouts were sent out on fast horses to scan the landscape for any potential enemies. Training for the guards intesified, and everyday all day the villagers could hear the ring of metal on metal, and occaisonally the sound of arrows thudding into the straw targets.
Lucas found his days miserable, with the hard work for training, and after that he had to help with the village defenses. He helped the townfolk dig a large trench around the wall. After this was done, it was to be lined with fire-hardened stakes. Another trench was built inside the wall, but this one was easily passable, but for the small lump of earth on the village-facing side. All these were basic defensives, and were taken by every town and village in the time of war. After the war, if their forces were victorious, the holes and trenches were filled in.
The armory was busy, and black smoke billowed out of the chimney and the open doorway. Swords were being made for the village men, and daggers for the women if worst came to worst. Arrowheads, spearheads, and axes were also lining the normally empty weapon storage room. As an extra precaution, a messenger was sent to the main city in the town's area asking for more troops. Everyone hoped this wasn't to be needed, but no one never knew until that fateful day, when the world turned upside down...
"The Mojocat Scrolls"
The story strangled me.....please continue....
The first glimpse of the enemy army was spotted by Eric, one of the lower rank guards. "Look there!" he shouted to Lucas. Lucas ran along the precarious perch that was the wall to Eric, who was positioned facing south. The sight that met his eyes shocked nearly till he fell off the wall. Marching in disorganized ranks were hundreds of the small creatures. Behind them came horned monsters with hooves and mixed with them were more hellhounds. More guards had come and all of them had stood, stunned at what lay before them. And if those first few ranks weren't enough, more came. Tall creatures, sort of like women, but with curled rams horns and flaming hands, stalked behind the ranks. Horses came galloping along the flanks, but they were dark red and had flaming horns. Even a few huge creatures thumped along, dragging supplies, but by the looks of them they could fight. The entire army looked to be around 5000 troops, compared to the large village garrison of 400 men-at-arms. The villagers couldn't run, as the faster-moving demons and such moved around to surround the village. They were trapped. The only thing to do was to last until help came...
All the gates were closed, and the walls were full manned by archers with stuffed bins of arrows and their sword- or spearmen comrades. Prayers were said and men crossed their hearts. Water was dumped on the gates and houses to prevent them catching fire. The demon army formed ranks, but not well. It seemed to part along the middle. Thundering steps were heard, and the sound of crackling fire. "What is this new devilry," asked Lucas to Rutherbane softly. The old man had appeared nearly as soon as the army.
"Devils." he replied in a grave tone. Just after he said this, a huge giant appeared over the tops of the trees, bringing fire with him. It was a deep red, the color of blood, with long, curling horns and full armor. A gigantic mace was in his hand, an outer metal circle with a devilish cross on the inside. The thing roared, and the army started forward.
The story has ended where it did because I have to get off now and do homework. I really wanted to add more, and I didn't want to keep readers waiting. But I have to, sadly. I will try to get back on very soon.
"Quick. You must do as I say if you wish to survive," said Rutherbane sharply to Lucas, "Get a large pot of a purple liquid and bring it here to me." Lucas sent a small boy after it, and the lad returned quickly. The archers had begun shooting, but the arrows could't damage the large creatures, only the smaller ones, such as the demons and imps. Rutherbane set the pot down beside himself and used a tiny beaker to scoop some up and drink it. He shivered, then picked up his staff from where he had set it against the wall. "What are you doing, old man?" asked one of the guards frightenly, but with a mocking tone to his voice. "Shut up or you will be one of those to which dies within the next few seconds," was the curt reply. Rutherbane raised the staff above his head. Immediately the top began twinkling with yellow dots of light. Suddenly, a huge storm cloud appeared, raining down on the flames and lightning zapping everywhere. The lightning hasn't just in the sky, though. About 15 bolts of lightning came down and fried large areas of the demon army to a crisp. This happened again and again, but the army seemed unstoppable. "Wow," said Lucas, "I didn't know you were a wizard. I thought they were myth."
" It was thought best not tell anyone," said Rutherbane, "Only me and the village leader knew."
One of the large creatures, a cave demon, Rutherbane had told Lucas, was advancing toward the village gate. He cast his broken sword up at the sky, and back down. A huge fireball erupted from the rusty blade and shot towards the fortified door. An explosion rent the air. Everyone above the gate and within a 5 meter radius was killed immediately. Anyone farther suffered sever burns, except those far enough away. As the smoke and dust cleared, the dismayed villagers saw the advance troops of the demon army pouring in through the blasted gap in the wall. The guards met them bravely, many a demon and hellhound falling beneath their flashing swords. Even more were shot by the arrows. But for every creature killed, five more stood into take their place.
Rutherbane had continued his lightning spell, and now tried a different one. A huge chunk of ice fell from the sky and split into thousands of tiny shards, which flew in all directions, slicing into any flesh in their path. The huge behemoth leader roared in agony as ten of these entered his eye. He charged toward the defenders. His huge mace rose and fell, leaving the guards dead on all sides of him. Lucas saw this, and thought quickly. He ran down the wall to the main fighting. Just before he reached the edge and was about to fall, he jumped. As Lucas flew through the air, he thought about his family and how he would join them if he failed. He landed with a bone-jarring thump on the back of the devil, and recovered his senses in time to stab his sword directly into the beast's heart. Convulsions racked the giant, and Lucas slid down his back to the ground, where he began fighting for his life against the mass of creatures. The devil erupted in flame, and fell to the ground, crushing human and demon alike. It twitched once, and was still. But that wasn't the end of the battle.
The women-like creatures were shooting small balls of fire from their hands at the remaining guards. Hellhounds were jumping over the defenders and spitting fire from their mouths at the houses. The muscular demons punched and pummeled the brave townsfolk, splitting and cracking bones with each throw. Lucas stabbed a small imp, and, spun instinctively around, slashing with his sword. To his amazement he cut a succumbi in half with the sword stroke. He ran back towards the main breach in the wall, to help his fellow guards. He found the captain and a small band of seasoned veterans defending the town hall. He joined them, and together they went on the attack, slashing at everything that came their way. But the demons could not be beat.
It's turning out really good so far. My only problem is I like the dark side, but I have a funny feeling the demons are going to lose. =)
Oh the story cut off where I didn't want it to. Here is what I did (u could be right, Rendingblade):

The captain took a shot from a succumbi full in the chest and went down. Men were falling all around him, some never getting back up. Lucas, under pressure from three wolfhounds, heard a horncall sounding throughout the valley. The sound of hooves came next. Since many of the creatures in the demon army had hooves, many of the villagers lost hope and ran, only to be cut to pieces by the advancing demon army.
A strange metallic twang was heard, and seconds after a large section of the demon army dropped, pierced by small arrows. Cavalry smashed into the right flank of the demons, trampling all those too small to fight back against the huge horses and their masters. The cave demons took the cavalry full-on, but the sheer numbers of the horsemen were too much and the giants went down. Strange creatures were flying in the sky, dropping large boulders down onto the faltering enemy. They had the head of an eagle, and the body of a lion, but the front paws had eagle's talons. "Yes!" shouted Lucas.
The remaining guards and villagers all drew together in a tight formation to fend off encroaching foes, but it wasn't needed. The cavalry charge had obliterated the demons, and the remaining creatures erupted in flame and disappeared. A horseman with a leader's helm trotted up to Lucas. "Where is your leader?" he asked.
"Dead, sadly," replied Lucas, "We had received notice of the demon army a time ago but no one wanted to leave their homes to them, so we fought. Thank goodness you showed up when you did. I had given up all hope."
"Glad to be of assistance," the horseman said, "We got your message about needing reinforcements. By the way, my name is George." He dismounted his spirited battlehorse to talk to Lucas face to face. "If there are no other leaders or captains, then I am in charge temporarily," he said.
"Fine with me," was the reply.
Preparations were made to repair the village and return life to normal. Lucas, after a large expirience of real fighting, wished to leave and join the knights at the overlord's castle. He put this question to George, and he got a positive answer. The next day he was to take a horse and ride to the castle, giving allegiance to the duke. Just before he got on his horse, a hand on his shoulder stopped him. "You don't think your leaving the rest of us to this boring life, do you?" asked Rutherbane. Lucas smiled, and together they left, Lucas riding a battlehorse, and Rutherbane on a much smaller pony.
The END???
more please
It is not the end.
I just had to leave, so i had to create a small ending for that section. I have no time right now to post more, but be patient and more will come.
When the "couple" arrived in Scaker, the capital, they were amazed. The number of people and guards astonished them. Everyone seemed to be doing five things at once; talking, walking, etc. The banners bearing the coat-of-arms of the overlord flapped gayly in the breeze. The insignia was a lion and on either side of it two crisscrossing swords. Hawkers in the marketplace called out their goods and haggled with customers loudly. Smells arose from the town, from the stink of garbage to the sweet smell from a bakery. "Wow," Lucas gaped.
"Yes, and that's not all of it," replied Rutherbane. The old fellow had seen quite a few cities in his time, though unknown to the townsfolk of the small village.
The horses' hooves kept a rhythmic beat upon the cobblestone squares. When they arrived at the overlord's house, the good horses were taken into the stables by a groom. They waited, until a servant received them. The large hall inside was decorated with tapestries of all things, including the seven factions and the types of creatures in them. Lucas went over to the Knight tapestry and gazed in wonder at the Angel there. Rutherbane was occupied too, staring at a good impression of a Titan. "Hem hem." They whirled in suprise, only to see the overlord standing right behind them. "Oh, don't be afraid," he said nicely.
"What is your name, sir?" asked Lucas.
"Nirell, but you may call me Nir," was the reply.
"So, I understand you are here to join my royal guard," Nirell said after a short pause, "Everyone is welcome, but we must first see how you are in all the basic skills, swordplay, horsemanship, and such."
"That will be very good, sir," said Lucas eagerly.
"And what about me," asked Rutherbane.
"Oh. A wizard. Very handy people to have around you at a time of danger. You may come with me after I show Lucas to his captain," Nirell replied. He walked with them out into a wide courtyard. A burly man came away from a small group of armed men and came over to them. "A new recruit, I see. Let's see how he is," said the apparent captain.
"Not now," said Nirell, "Tomorrow will be good. He needs his rest after the horseride."
"I guess you're right," said the muscular man, "By the way, my name is Dairner."
Lucas was shown to his quarters by a small page, after Nirell took Rutherbane to his. They were simple, plain, but had a homely feel to them. In one corner was a privy with a small table and a washbasin. In the other corner was a bed, with rough linen sheets. Lucas sighed, and undressed for bed. Just before he lay down, he looked out the window at the beautiful sunrise.

To all ye readers: I will say THE END when the story ends, so keep checking for more until I say it. Anytime it doesn't appear that means I have not ended yet.
The banners bearing the coat-of-arms of the overlord flapped gayly in the breeze

Err... is that a typo, or did the banner come out of the closet?
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