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Welcome to LoWM Inquiry chat room

AuthorWelcome to LoWM Inquiry chat room
If you need some starter advices,quick responses on your queries and about game rules and you do not want to wait then you should visit the LoWM Inquiry Chat room.Where you can meet old and new players,get game advices,make new friends,learn how to set your troops or what are the abilities of your troops or your hunt creatures this is best place to get those informations.You can also share your game experiences and strategies here with the players.Please click on chat -> Inquiry room https://www.lordswm.com/frames.php?room=0 after you log in the game and join the Inquiry room.This room is for everyone from level 1 to level 14 and higher.
Please note Official game language is English so you must make your conversations in English.
If you do not know the chat rooms rules please read this link
Hope you will enjoy your time in the chat room.
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