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  Chat rules

1. General statements.

1.1. Chat is one of the sites of players' communication. The chat does not impose any limitations on users' age, sex, national belonging, religious concepts etc. Detailed description of the chat and a manual how to use it can be found here.
1.2. All players are equal in their communication possibilities with the condition of adhering to the following rules.
1.3. The rules are compulsory for all chat members. Using the chat supposes consenting to all the rules statements without exception.
1.4. Abiding by the rules is watched by the Administration as well as the specially commanded moderators of the chat. Moderators have a right to cut short any trials to violate the understated rules. In situations that are not specified by these rules, moderators take decisions based on common sense, generally accepted rules of morals.
1.5. Actions of the moderators can be appealed by lodging a corresponding application to the Secretary (A detailed description of the accident is required).
1.6. The official language for Chat communication is English. It is the only language acceptable in public chat, with the exception of VIP hall. VIP hall is a cross-server platform where all players can communicate, so both English and Russian are allowed there.

2. Following actions are strictly forbidden in the chat:

2.1. Using foul language.
2.2. Lout conduction, insults addressing chat users and other forms of conduction, insulting their human dignity.
2.3. Advertising other sites. If a sudden emergency to communicate a link to a certain person appears, you may use private chat messaging or mail.
2.4. Using Caps Lock for typing a whole phrase or its greater part. If you are trying to draw attention in that way, try to be more original and to cause interest with something else.
2.5. Flame or smile usage abuse. A disordered flow of repeating and/or useless information is considered flame.
2.6. Propaganda of violence, racial and national discrimination, pornography.
2.7. Leaving messages of unconcealed sexual content, offering services of sexual kind (prostitution).
2.8. Live quarrels with other users, provoking conflicts between chat users, spreading false rumors, degrading human dignity (calumny).
2.9. Ignoring, public discussion of the moderators' requests; insulting moderators or expressing your regards to them in a foul manner. Any claims must be addressed personally, not in the common window.
2.10. Using additional characters to chat. Only main characters are allowed to communicate in the chat.

3. Ban.

3.1. Those that have significantly violated the chat rules are liable to ban - temporary withdrawal of access to chatting.
3.2. The administrator and/or moderator has a right to ban a user immediately for an indefinite term for a single significant chat rules violation or for any other reason considered sufficient for such a sanction.
3.3. Moderators or Administration have a right, but no duty, to inform the users or other moderators of the reasons and terms of a ban that they have applied.

Ban terms are decided within the Chat moderators clan.

4. Actions of moderators and administrators.

4.1. Administration's actions and decisions are not subject to discussion.
4.2. A moderator can be wrong. If you suspect he or she is, c.f. par.1.5.
4.3. Moderators are allowed to estimate the actions of other moderators, of an administrator, or to discuss their decisions exceptionally through private correspondence with them, on the special hidden forum, or directly with the game Administration.
4.4. In case if a chat user does not conform to the above-cited rules, a moderator can carry out a warning. If the very user keeps violating the rules, the moderator is obliged to evict the user out of the chat. In some cases violators are evicted without a warning.
4.5. A chat moderator must be impartial.
4.6. A chat moderator has a duty to answer freshman questions about the game. However please note that a chat moderator may be busy at any given moment; if you need an answer urgently, try asking your question in related Forum branch.

P.S. Dear players! Our project holds a relative freedom of speech. However, remember, that the comfort of most players is our priority, so please be patient to each other and do not spoil the fun of the community.
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