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Need answers and reactions!


AuthorNeed answers and reactions!
The room must remain relatively clean and friendly in order to create a good impression for new players who come in to ask questions. If we do not encourage and help them, the game loses user-base and volume.

Well now I suddenly don't feel welcomed in this game where moderators rule the forums and chat and hide behind salary and rules using their powers sometimes for their own personal usage!

goodbye all my friends... its been fun;)

Now I will contribute to the servers death and leave... today you lose a good player.. I don't care if you don't miss me..

bye and have fun! hope you are proud of what you did!

if you want a 30% gift of my gold PM me:)
This really is stupid (not calling the moderator stupid of course) but banning someone for 2 decades it is just outrageous
I'm also leaving the game so I hope this is what she/they (other mods) wanted:)
We don't need people thinking that because the server is dying

u cant say that ! u r just a mod...not the empire !EVEN EMPIRE WONT SAY THAT ! !

I'd rather this server NOT get shut down. In fact I am fairly happy with it in its stagnant state. That is not to say, however, that updates wouldn't be welcome. I would just rather keep things from getting worse and I do what I can.

u r just talking about and thinking about u alone and not on others ! !many of the people are talking in forums like this...are they getting banned ? ?


i wont care if i am banned for the speech above ! !
I agree with -_NO--NAME_-
I lost intrest in the game... thax for the unjust ban^^

now this server is 1 player less... not much difference...
shocked at first but then again pretty funny... but i would say the mod is stupid...

this was my brother account !BANNED ! ! !
Can't ban be removed?
have a look at the date ! by his foolish request !
This mod is mad it is just not fair highest ban should be for a week not more .
last request!

reduce my banning limit! I think ALL agree that its unnecessary!
mods cant remove bans so looks bad...
I believe all questions have answered. This is not the place to discuss the ban. The rest should be continued in PM.
3:08:06 [coolahed]: this is a dead feature...

By your own words you don't seem to care about the chat function.

I also can;t find where Dan-Panic says that he "hates you". In fact he is the only one that replies in a positive way to anything you said.

3:11:32 [coolahed] to Dan-Panic: why do you hate me??
3:11:38 [coolahed] to Dan-Panic: do you even know me

3:11:50 [Dan-Panic] to coolahed: I dont
3:12:06 [coolahed] to Dan-Panic: then wny do you hate me??
3:12:12 [Dan-Panic] to coolahed: I dont hate you either
3:12:55 [coolahed] to Dan-Panic: bye...
3:13:15 [Dan-Panic] to coolahed: bye
3:13:59 [coolahed] to Dan-Panic: ...
3:14:20 [coolahed]: hi all...

3:15:04 [Dan-Panic] to coolahed: hi3:15:53 [coolahed] to Dan-Panic: how's it goin ( lets try this again shall we? bare with me)
3:16:43 [Dan-Panic] to coolahed: sorry mate, but I gotta go :S
3:16:53 [Dan-Panic]: bye all

3:17:02 [coolahed] to Dan-Panic: bye

Nothing at all from this exchange is negative, at least from what has been presented. Dan-Panic has stayed polite throughout the whole exchange.

Finally you seem to be making a big deal about the whole I'm also leaving the game so I hope this is what she/they (other mods) wanted:) statements. What, 3 on this page? It smacks a little too much of the "I'm running away from home!" gambit, often employed by small children to try and get their own way. If you are leaving, then leave. No need to make such a big production about it.

I do think it is a little extreme to give such a long ban. Although I must say that with an apparently extensive history of chat infringements and your attitude to chat privileges, even if you were reinstated in chat I don't think it would be long before you got perma-Banned again. Perhaps you could be reinstated after a few days with an admonition that this is your *very* *final* opportunity to obey the chat rules. *Any* infraction to cause the perma-ban to be reinstated.

Personally I think ipslne is cutting out the middle man in this case. Given your attitude in the chat log you posted, after presumably receiving repeated penalty bans, I doubt you would be able to control yourself and would soon be under the Ban-hammer again, this time for good.

To naapa92 - I believe that the Mods *can* relieve an excessive ban by imposing a new penalty that essentially overwrites and invalidates the old one.

closed by Lord Pantheon (2010-10-10 11:14:24)
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