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taking and retruning loans

Authortaking and retruning loans
if i take a 10k loan for example from a player(main character ofcourse) and i return in 2 parts that is 5k each
will this transaction be legal?
and what exactly is finincial assist
i take a loan from a player and retrun all loan before 1 month so will that be also considered as financial assist?
It is perfectly fine to divide the returns of the loan. Just remember to always specify the reason behind the transfers.

Financial assist can be many things... But in essence it means that one character has support from anyone else, solely beneficial for that one character.

Taking a loan and returning it before the one month limit is not counted as financial assist though.
ok thx a lot
so if i have to pay about 150k to sum1 and i trabsfer gold to him and say i owe u 40k and then 130k etc is that fine?
or do i have to specify it for loan or rent ect
coz i have taken rent and loan both from same person and i owe him 150k total
and i transfer gold saying i owe u this much or that much
will that be ok or i must spr\ecify 150-10k(inclding retn and loan)
what is more preferable?????????
what is more preferable?????????
Most preferable way is to pay it all at once. If you've taken a loan then wait till you've collected all the gold needed to repay it and then send it back. Looks much cleaner that way.

As for renting, it's much easier to pay the leaser every time you rent instead of keeping a tab -_-
so if i have to pay about 150k to sum1 and i trabsfer gold to him and say i owe u 40k and then 130k etc is that fine?

That would be bad, since then you would be returning 170k, instead of the 150k you have loaned/rented. Thus you'd be suspected of financial assist.

Assuming you just had a math-problem when you typed down your example, you're correct that it can be done that way...

I'd phrase it like this for each return:
10-14-10 08:38: Transferred 5000 Gold to -P3nnyw1se- : now i owe u 150k

Like you have been doing. I see nothing really wrong with that, unless you end up having a cluttered transfer-log. That will make things "look" suspicious.
umm ok thx a lot
i will c to it
thx again to both of u guys
QATC! :)
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