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To whom to direct the complaint?

AuthorTo whom to direct the complaint?
To whom to direct the complaint concerning an insult in mail?
The keeper is in game?
2. Insults via Private mail should be resent to character Insults. To resend the letter containing insults - click on 'Reply' button and change the name of the receiver to Insults.
Hasn't understood. To whom from administration to readdress the letter?
In the Russian project there is a character the Keeper, to it such letters are sent. To whom here?
Send to Insults.
Also what? If I to it readdress the letter, it will take measures? There is no it not in its competence. The keeper should be not the player and the character of administration.
Just to clearify.

The character "insults" https://www.lordswm.com/pl_info.php?id=4555918 is a character of administration.
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