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sum of enchantments for commanders guild

Authorsum of enchantments for commanders guild
How is the requirements needed for enchanters guild with regard to enchantments calculated? Is it the total AP of enchanted arts, or is it to do with how enchanted an art is.

So for example, take a full set of arts with the minimum enchant on them, versus a sword and armour with max enchants. Which is counted higher in the commanders guild scale, the 9 tiny insignificant enchants, or the two full ones?

This may well affect how things work significantly, as min enchant commander guild battles would end up being affordable, with the reward being a whole extra guild point.
No -one has answered. I am not sure if that is because no one knows the answer, or because it has dropped down the list and people haven't read it.
I guess it's coz there are only a few here who have actually experienced the result on the battlefield and see the outcome. After all, the CG is only less than 2 day old. Maybe some who plays in ru also may have a better understanding.
I thought, some kind people who have many enchanted arts, would be able to see if they can enter an enchanted battle in CG with two heavily enchanted arts or so. If they could that gives half the info needed to answer the question.
To me, it's pretty self-explanatory:

"Σ enchantments: at least 48"

Means you must have 48% of enchantment total to join. A A10E10F10W10 weapon would count as 40, for example. Then you could add 8 if you had for example F8 on your armor.

If you have a truly maxed out enchanted weapon - 5 enchantments at 12% - then it would hold 60 points of enchantments alone :D
That makes sense, I was clearly being thick. I was in an AP minded head space, so was thinking the number referred to AP rather than %.

Always wanted to say this

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