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Tax on loans / payback with tax

AuthorTax on loans / payback with tax

I just wonder:

If I give someone a loan, Empire takes a tax from it.

If I get payed back, is it legal to get the original sum + the tax?


10-20-10 14:13: Received 20200 Gold from speed_dragon : 200 Extra because of the new tax....Loan returned.
well the rule say the return loan cant exide the original loan so im guessing its legal
But loans with interest are forbidden, that's why I ask.
This matter should be clearly stated within the rules, otherwise it is subject to different interpretations. Valid points can't be made neither pro, nor against because all of them would disagree with some aspects of the current rules.
It is illegal.
The sum transfered to a player reaches that player in full. The sender is then automatically charged the commission, which has no connection to the receiver.
If you look at that transfer again, You received all 20200 gold from the sender, and then the sender got charged for additional 202 separately.
Oh ok, so simply said: We both lose the same through tax.
Simplier said: the sender loses something through tax. In your case, both of you were senders at certain points of time, but that's a particular case.
OK, I've sent it back then. Thank you all! :)
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