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help me please!

Authorhelp me please!
got scammed.... i got 1122 gold now last time i loged on i had 12996gold.WTF?could u anyone help me please...
[Player banned by moderator Straws until 2010-10-22 14:35:09 // Stop swearing, warning.]
your transfer log is clean..i see you lose some gold at roulette
I think your brain plays tricks on you:

Laborers' guild: 0 (23) +67
that wasnˇt me! i never play roulette wtf...i got scammed somebody logged on my acc!!
could someone give my money back and how do i change my password?somebody was in my acc i never roulette never!
1. I doubt a 'stranger' would logged on to your account just to.. play Roulette (??). Even if they win, the gold still goes to you, and not them.

2. Let's just say it's true, and someone did logged into your account, you can change the password by,

Character -> Personal settings -> Password and e-mail, then change your password/email.

PS: Now that I come to think of it, it's POSSIBLE that someone did logged into your account. But seeing that you have little gold, they just used your gold on roulette, hoping that if they win big, they'll change the password and steal your account.

NEVER ever give your password/email to anyone if you want to be safe, especially those who promise you this and that via PM. Greed usually make people get their accounts hacked.
You are responsible for the safety of your own account.

Anyway, seems like you bet your last 1,122 gold on roulette, and lost. Better not spread lies here.

1,122 MeeleTip Corner 4, 5, 7, 8 0
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