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Problem for lvl 2 elf...

AuthorProblem for lvl 2 elf...
Hii all
iam a lvl 2 elf
and for doing brooming groove to make my faeries more i need gems
But gem mine is empty :(
and i also can not purchase from market
so what can i do ??? :((

plz help
without more faeries iam losing my hunts :(
wait until the work shift ends at the crystal carven and purchase the crystal ASAP. Hopefully you can get some crystal
Buy them at market ?
Sometimes there is a strong competition for resources at the end of a workshift. Open the facility page and check when does the shift end. Prepare yourself to buy the required amount of gems when that happens, but don't forget to refresh the page first.
for Liuker:
I need gems still thanx

for _ChaosMagic_:
I cant purchase from market as iam lvl 2

for Arctic:
Thanx a lot i will do it :)
[Post deleted by moderator Arctic // Forum rules, rule 2.5]
[Player banned by moderator Arctic until 2010-10-23 07:03:06 // Foul language, flood. Relapse]
thanx to arctic i can now purchase
i has done as u said

thans a lot :D
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