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secondary character

Authorsecondary character
we know that secondary player couldn't do a lot of things like
rent money
transfer item
do battle with main character
buy thief items
and buy thief invitation

some time ago i ask for thief invitation and someone told me that secondary character could have thief invitation only with two ways
1) buy for 80
2) the secodnary becomes the main characters (and if the main had a thief invitatio already he will be ban)

but now there are new mines, and one it's of diamonds

if my secondary character buy diamond could it buy thief invitation for 80 diamonds or not?

and sorry for bad english
3.13.6.Additional characters can enter the Guild using diamonds, but the TGIs and artifacts received as guild bonuses cannot be traded to other characters. We would like to remind you that additional characters only serve to get acquainted with the features of other factions.

This mean yes u can enter Thieves' guild using Diamonds.
thanks :D
closed by zuzumiliano (2010-10-23 17:34:53)
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