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Law of arts devaluation: 0/DUR -> 0/(DUR-1) -> 0/(DUR-

AuthorLaw of arts devaluation: 0/DUR -> 0/(DUR-1) -> 0/(DUR-
Is there a know law of how the arts devaluate by successive repairs?

For example, assuming a NEW art has durability DUR, and value VAL. We know the value of that art at durability 0/DUR (https://www.lordswm.com/photo_pl_photos.php?aid=789), but:

What is the value of that art at durabilities 0/(DUR-1), 0/(DUR-2), etc..., i.e., after successive repairs, as function of VAL? (its value at full dura)

Is there a fixed law of devaluation of artifacts by repairing, same for all, or does that depend on each artifact?
And also, is this law of devaluation constant for each successive repair (for example a percentage of the value at full dura, or of the value before repairing, etc...), or does it vary with the count of the repairing?

(bah!!!...should've probably used a shorter title... just trying to be informative there.
maybe got too informative...)
I found SOM went down in value by 250 odd gold as it went from 0/80 -> 0/79 so the amount, I personally felt was negligible.
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