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Faction Identity

AuthorFaction Identity
This is a bit difficult for me, but...
I want someone to pick the faction that i will play.

Also, I have some preferences of my own:

-I cannot double faction with my friends (No Elf/Wizard)
-I prefer a faction with either Nature or Darkness magic, separately.

I would like both Short and Long answers :)

Thank you for helping me realize my true faction, i'll see how it goes from there.

Well :

Knights study Holy and Darkness magic;

Necromancers study Nature and Darkness magic;

Wizards study Nature and Chaos magic with an option to unlock Holy magic later on;

Elves study Nature and Holy magic;

Barbarians cannot access any schools of magic;

Dark elves study Chaos and Darkness magic;

Demons study Chaos and Darkness magic.

So either Demons, Necro, or Dark elves would be your ideal choice from yourpreferences

Seeing from your log, you do a lot of hunts, so demons would be better since you would be able to gate. Necro is a bit risky if you're planning to raise your ghosts.

Demon is a solid faction from levels 5 and onwards from what I know and see.
Thanks Clemency.
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