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unholy reward question

Authorunholy reward question
top 10 of everyone? top ten of each level? or top ten of each faction of each level?

who gets the rewards?
I think top ten of all.. because they're shown in bold in the 'Destroying the unholy' page
people with most succesful fights when event ends

top 10 of whichever level

they are shown on the page in bold
I think it is also just the top 10% players with the most successful fights, this is fair to all levels because they are harder and weaker for different levels, i versed one and won :)
for ByOwnWill:
You are almost right. Except that it's not 10%, but just 10 characters.
well 3 faction skill points per win is a good enough prize for me..... my archers will pile up :D
I think the rewards will be some beastbane arts .. or factions sets .. :)
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