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Upgraded zombie ability
Whats that mean??
-4 to attack, -4 to defense and maybe -2 to morale
to the zombie itself? =)
-4 to attack, -4 to defense same with infected?
it seems contamination effects u even if you just attack the ghouls without a retal.
whenever your troop stand beside the zombie with that ability, your creature's stat will decrease -4 att,defence and -2 morale


not same..infected zombie's infected strike that one is reduce your stat till the end of the game..contamination will vanish when you leave ghouls ..once you stand beside him, your stat decrease again
to all surrounding stacks
Aura effect.
and i found out that if your creature going to attack the targeted creature let say Skeleton Bowmen? If your creature walk/fly to skele bowmen and stand beside the ghouls..actually your creature already got its reduced stat..mean when you attack the creature that nearby ghouls..better choose the place that not beside the ghouls
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