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is unholy battle permanent ?

Authoris unholy battle permanent ?
nope going to end now :)

Look at the "Destroying the Unholy" page, there u see that we ve deafeated 93% of them alredy... so i think we ll need ~10 hours for finishing them.

going to end?it's not even at the half way yet..
hold a sec..

someone saying its gonna end and some not o_O
whats the truth

Only Arctic can tell.. ;)
so plz tell us arctic
Raised dead destroyed 94.8%

I think it will end soon
[Post deleted by moderator Arctic // Misleading info]
great !
read the latest announcement thoroughly bro..n u will understand
Raised dead destroyed 97.0%
Raised dead destroyed 100.0%
no they said all have been laid to rest so no more =(
All raised dead have been laid to rest!
[Post deleted by moderator Straws // Irrelevant.]
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