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selling a hero for 100 $ pm

Authorselling a hero for 100 $ pm
selling a hero for 100 $ pm
Selling characters is against the General Rules.

3.6. Trading any in-game property or service for real money, as well as trading not game-related property or service in the game is forbidden. Real money includes not only cash, but also transfers in all kinds of currency, including the money of different paying systems, like webmoney, E-gold and so forth.

3.7. Password transfer to a different user and collective account managing are forbidden.

Yep, this is illegal... So don't do it.
I urgently need $ 100 on webmoney
will have to sell the chain is a small sum)
u wont be able to sell a char after it is blocked! ;)

I hope u know what I mean.
No-one would buy the character from you.

If they did it would be blocked.

Even offering to sell your character probably means MultiLOH will be blocked.

So really there is no point trying to sell it, and definitely good reasons why no-one would buy it.

if u sell... the ip will change...
definitely admins will block this character..
dont do it:)
This topic is long since last update and considered obsolete for further discussions.
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