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Clarification on acceptable forum etiquette

AuthorClarification on acceptable forum etiquette
Hi all, I am referring to this particular topic

As it is seen, spartan300 was merely complementing sexy_girlz's picture. His comment was in no way insulting/seditious/racist/sexual in any way. At least not "hot" and "cute", in my understanding of those word's actual meanings. It also does not contradict any forum rules in any way. But, it so happens that he was banned for 3 days for the offence.

I am terribly confused. I normally don't openly discuss a mod's action, but this is necessary for the benefit of all of us who do not want to be banned unneccesarily for rule breaks we have never heard before.

So, THE BIG QUESTION, are we actually allowed to comment (not in an offensive manner) on other people's pictures, or heaven forbid (!), to even complement them for it? If not, please make it clear in the forum rules help page, for the sake of the newbs (like me :3).
Kiz, I don't know if you are here only a few days or what, but you should know by now, that this forum is not a democracy. Mods can do whatever they can and you cannot question their motives.
Live with it.
most important thing to know is, that tru control they show their work & they get paid for it! so more bans means more money for them!! i think now u understand how things actually works:\
When it comes down to it. Common sense should prevail.

If Spartan wished to complement Sexy_girl on the picture, it seems more appropriate to have messaged her and said so.

3 days seems a lot for something as small as that topic, a warning may have sufficed. (Unless he had prior offenses).
You see the problem is the mod wants her for himself and so BAN!
It was a terrible crime, was it not? Thankfully we have angels to save us from these types of horrors inflicted upon the community! I feel so much better because of it! :P
It's not appropriate as a forum post whatsoever. I would question the wisdom of making it a personal mail but that's up to the poster. If you want to comment on photos on the forum there is no hard and fast rule I can give, as the photos available is so broad. Common sense.

The perceived age (as obviously I don't know the real age) of the person in the photo in question, is why I went for quite a harsh time frame for the penalty.
Basically common sense and try to keep things PG since little kids also play this game.
closed by Lord Pantheon (2010-11-01 10:32:54)
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