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English as a server in a strange XD and MAP quite small)Admin American here? XD
[Player banned by moderator Arctic until 2010-11-03 21:10:39 // Please make your topic name more appropriate.]
There are russian admins and something else...
ah! I remembered - shut up!
If you don't like - don't play!
[Player banned by moderator Slynky until 2010-11-04 03:04:45 // There is not need to be rude.]
no) is normal) you're all such evil?
decided to visit the brethren because of the ocean, but here in my answer rude ..
The admins are all same as on the Russian part.
Map is quite as it should be =)
here is not bad, just do not understand everything .. used to Russian)
You might get used to how it is here =) All quite and peaceful... except that we have an Undead campaign right now :-D
good night, sorry for the title)
I wish Arctic welcomed me when I joined... ;)
Oh hi, I'm back here)
No more questions, thread closed. Off-game forum or chat for friendly talks please =)
closed by Arctic (2010-11-05 00:02:45)
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