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,i have just merged them both wizard and demon,
can some1 explain wat is actually a wizard demon,
i understand only till then tht a demon when he reaches lvl 5,drinks oblivion and gains his parameters on knowledge thus making him,a mana holder,a mage,then he uses his spawns or imps to drain mana and regain his own,is this the concept behind a wizard demon.
what are you on about
you can't merge factions
I think he means magic demon
wizard demon as in,demon tht has magic and gain gain magic,by draining others,mana
spawns drain and transfer mana, imps just drain and you gain nothing in mana; they drain it only once in fight, each stack do it, its caped by 10 mana per stack, gaited can drain also.
read this https://www.lordswm.com/forum_messages.php?tid=1891536
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