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In Statistics of all characters Dark elf by lg i serch my name must be there in no 50 but my was not there Y??
[Player banned by moderator Slynky until 2010-11-13 15:01:28 // Posting with multi after main was banned]
The statistics of all characters does not in fact contain all characters!
t is a service provided by players, rather than the administration and isn't often updated to contain all the information. If you are a newer player, or a level 15, you will not show on the statistics.
i m not a new player and i m at lvl 1
09-10-10 14:38: Registered. Faction: Necromancer.

This counts as being new. Some "new" players up to 8 months do not show up. The site updates player info on a daily basis, but it only adds new players in big batches.
the newest player on the statistics is mokemk(registered at 04-22-10)
that mean only these who registered before that will on the statistics
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