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a REAL FUN event. THX fellow arctic and fellow admins


Authora REAL FUN event. THX fellow arctic and fellow admins
Thank you!
BIG Thank You !!!!
This Game Is Really Rocking Nowadays !!!
jah thx
Thank you!
The undead event really put life (no pun intended) back into the server, community, and economy.

The server population and activity reached to the highest numbers all year.

The community has been very happy (for the most part) and active. I've made a lot more friends and reconnected back with old ones.

The economy has been put onto hyperdrive. I know some would complain about lack of arts and resources, but the fact is that everyone can not only enroll into mines, but the factory spots are filled. And those of us stuck with hoards of machinery resources are finally able to sell. :)

To show my appreciations, I've slain the Great Hydra!
Two thumbs up for a great event, the game came back alive as ruthless as ever. Just goes to show how many people we have here just waiting to run riot with activity. Bravo!
Finally it payed off to rescue Alex & Maxim from the grip of Dwarven hands...

Much appreciated your time and effort put in the event! (We still need to cure the Empress!)

I would have personally preferred the event stretching over a longer time frame. But not complaining, just a personal preference.

Good job to all three admins! Looking forward to your continuous involvement in the server!
2 thumbs + 10 toes up !
Thank you for the minor tournament. For me it's the best that could be done ;-)
+ :)
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