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Clan treasure?

AuthorClan treasure?
What happens if i buy a clan from another player. and that clan has 50k as treasure, but in order to transfer leadership, current leader needs to remove the gold from clan. after he gives me leadership does he have to give me the treasure of the clan or not?
I don't think that they have to send you the gold.
However, that clan leader must consider the following rules before taking the gold for themselves.

3.26.1. A clan where the Leader's promises are not brought to realization is considered a financial pyramid. In case when funds were accumulated in a clan for a public purpose (such as purchasing TGI or rare items/sets), and no such purpose has been brought to realization, the prosecution is supposed to present proof from his or her transfer log. Clan leader is held responsible and will be blocked for swindling if the fault is confirmed.

3.15.2. If the clan Leader is collecting gold do militarize his or her clan, then each member except additional characters may transfer funds for that purpose only once, rule 3.15. applies. While the clan is not yet militarized, the clan Leader must return the transferred funds to any user upon his or her first request. If one month passes since the first militarization payment and the clan still isn't militarized, the clan Leader must refund all players with their payments.
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