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hi, why some guys in 6 lev can recruit 8 magies? i can only 7. i tries remove all others creatures to zero, but only 7 magies can recruit. why?
faction skill if u have higher faction skil u can recruit more untis
hmm. but that other guy has 4wiz and 2elf levels. i have only 4wiz lev. and 2levels of inactive elf faction skill makes the difference?
The numbers were changed after the update.
Maybe something to do with rally talent?
no, the same talents :(
can you show link for this wizard?

here he is :)
Try to remove all creatures ones more and start recruiting from magi.
I was using 8 magies in my army on lvl 6.
one more time.. and only 7 :( me sad :(
Hi try 39 gargs, 10 golems and 8 magi (exactly those numbers).
It has to work. There are no talents that can change this, Faction skill level has no effect on recruitment.
cant :( i upload a printscreen of my recruiting page:
and as you can see its imposible to recruit 8 magies. :(( i dont know, maybe i dont have some building or anything...
Troops count for Wizards rebalanced, you can't get 8 magi on your level anymore.

He is just still having the old recruitment, before the update.
it is unfair, why then didnt rebalance all players... :(
anyway thanks :)
They did rebalance all players. Next time those players re-recruit their army, they will not be able to recruit 8 magi.
closed by Arctic (2010-11-09 15:47:09)
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