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Shield Ally question

AuthorShield Ally question
The Gaurdian ability Shield ally has me a bit confused. In the description is says all ADJACENT units. So does that mean it shield all units around itself (8 squares), or just the units to its sides and front and back.
I believe it is all 8 squares. "Adjacent" squares are squares you can attack in melee from, technically speaking. It is true, though, that the Special Abilities section has been prone to bad translation in the past.

That said, I'm pretty sure it means all 8 squares. That is what appears to be common belief.
Whats the effect if 2 guardian are adjacent each other?
for darmogathel:

i tnink no effect,cause they already have 50% range resist)maybe i'm incorrect)
Why not 75% ranged resist?
Because it will be 62.5%.
does that mean that if there are enough guardians adjacent to each other they will take almost no ranged damage?
they have 50% ranged shield from themselves and 25% from one or more guardians around him.
It doesnt matter if there is one guardian near him or 8 other guardians.
If I want more range resistance should I place more than 1 stack of guardian adjacent to my bows?
Nothing. Multiple instances of Shield Allies are redundant.
and shield ally wont work on any unit with large shield or shield ally
any proof?
How about 2 guardian plus evasion? -95%?
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