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Battle doesn't load in chrome, What needs to be done ?

AuthorBattle doesn't load in chrome, What needs to be done ?
For almost 2 weeks battle boesnt load in google chrome...
the screen just goes blank, and that dragon on sphere does not come...
What do i need to do to correct this?
Yuvika :)
do you have a flash player?
That happens to me too,Switch to FF, the most reliable and safe browser:)
Same here, just keep refreshing your page or open your character page then go to map when in battle :D
do you have a flash player?
Yes i have flash player, infact i have been using Google chrome since i joined LWM.. more than a year ago... fought more 500 than battles on chrome, and never had this problem... battles work fine in explorer... i was just wondering if i could get it to work on chrome as i am more used to chrome...
had same problem but u just try clicing on the screen with ur mouse several times and it should load.
just reload the page,that's all.me also facing the same problem.
Try using FF or SeaMonkey, maybe chrome has some inconvenience or maintenance. Anyways, just use another browser while waiting.
or use Mozilla firefox! never fails:D
Free download Mozilla Firefox here

operating at speed of light=)
there are some problems of compatibility with the new version.

i have an old computer with windows 98 and internet explorer6.
lordswm.com worked perfectly on my computer, i did thousands of battles with it.
but i never managed to watch a single battle from heroeswm.ru: battles don't load.

since the last wave of updates, they have implemented lots of things from .ru, including the thing that prevents me from joining a battle.
i tried several times, but i never managed to watch a single battle on my computer last weeks :(

now all i can do is enroll, if i want to play i'm forced to ask my mother to let me use her computer (younger than mine)

.ru version don't seems to be compatible with IE6, maybe it's the same problem for you with google chrome?
I also use google chrome same problem with me just hit F11 back to normal size no full screen battle already loaded actually battle loads but we couldn't see it loading.
The fix for chrome users (other than switching browsers) is to just reload the battle a few times. This has fixed the issue for me every single time.

I also use IE8 on a different computer, but it appears the last round updates (~2 weeks ago) hasn't affected that.
had same problem but u just try clicing on the screen with ur mouse several times and it should load.
This works... just click in the general area where the flash thingi should load...

Thanks all of you :)
GOOGLE Chrome has the accepted response time lower than Mozilla Firefox. So, if your internet connection is slow, you may want to decrease the data flux from the LWM server to your PC. That means, mute your sounds, disable the blood option, choose the vector image (if your PC allows that). Trying to refresh for several times is a good option, but it won't solve the problem. It is also recommended not to have any other application which uses bandwidth while loading and fighting a combat.
use IE it always works haven't never fall on me.
#16: As I said, it depends mostly on the internet connection. It may depend on the cookies, flash player and so on. But removing those browser related problems, one must take care of not trying to load more than his/her bandwidth can carry. If you have a good connection, whatever browser you use, it's the same. I tried this game on different browsers (Firefox, IE, Chrome, Opera and so on) and with a decent internet connection, no decent browser gave me any problem.
how to enroll on iphone? the entering box won't show up in safari.
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