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where can i see if i got a Reward (Price) from the last Tournement?

thanks :)
This last tournament: https://www.lordswm.com/tournaments_hist.php?tour=33

All past tournaments are found on the tournament page, just scroll to the bottom. ;)
yes i know.

but how can i see how much money i got. i was position 18 of the 3rd Minor tournament.

Only rankings with bold numbers get gold, so you unfortunally won't get anything.
Seems like you were just outside of the prize-range I'm afraid. Only the top 10% of the 142 contestants will recieve a prize.
well i am i the top 10, but i have to calulate myself how much i got.....lolo
i was in 10& at lvl 10. but why i cant see my money in transfer log?
Now I see, I've only looked at level 11. It takes a few days to a week until prices are given. :)
ahhh ok :) then i hope i will get some :)

thanks all for answering!
"Awards to be dispensed." means they WILL be dispensed.

Also if you had read the topic I posted, you would know you will get 23 500 gold.
oO ok,

i am sorry, but i didnt know the meaning of "Awards to be dispended". And i wrote your topic but i was confused coz i couldnt see it in tranfer log. so pls forgive me to ask again -.-

well now i know it. Thanks.
I mean in help section at the bottom there is explanation how the prizes are dispensed and who gets how much gold. You could read it if you want to do your calculations or you can just be patient and surprised.


Congratulations anyway.
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