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just started LoWaM a few days ago and I'm at combat level 2. I have a question concerning the Necromancer's unique ability to raise skeletons.

Now, from what I've seen the skeletons you get are only good for one battle, but I've just leveled my Necro to 1 and I was wondering if this changes. Like, if I get to permaently add these skeletons I keep raising to my army, or if I simply raise more skeletons per battle. Anyone know?
I read that, just wasn't sure what it meant...
Just tried a battle with my raised skeletons. Two of them are gone, so I guess it's kinda half and half on the whole permanancy thing.
They died since the combat maybe?

If you have 25 skeletons, 10 being due to necromancy (recruited from the reserve), and if 20 are killed, then you will virtually loose 5 skeletons (it considers first that standart skeletons are killed, then, the extra ones you get from necromancy). Note that, depending on the kind of fight, you will only loose a defined percent of these skeletons; I don't know the exact numbers though (for exemple, if you loose 20% in hunt, you'll loose with the exemple above, 5 x 20% = 1 skeleton lost from reserve.

Also, raised skeletons are considered as being alive (if they are not killed once more ofc).

I think I misunderstood your question (but I'm still posting it, as it could help too):
actually, you get some more skeletons in your reserve each time you win a battle (against living units). BUT, you can not necessarily use them all in each fight; the max amount you can use per fight is given by the link of thebadman. So, now you've reached faction level 1, you can recruit 12 more skeletons.

And, no, you won't raise more; the amount raised is only depending on your spell power (SP), and by talents, but you don't get any talent before level 5...

Your Necro-FSP determines how many skeletons you raise after each battle AND how many from your reserve you can take with you into battle.

The exact formula for raising after battle is unknown to me.

The number of your reserve that you can take with you can be found in the link thebadman posted. https://www.lordswm.com/help.php?section=38

If the reserve die during battle though, they are lost. (During hunts some of them are saved though.)
At combat level 3 you can also buy or sell those skeletons:
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