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Rain of arrows - Elf talent

AuthorRain of arrows - Elf talent
I don't understand what exactly does make this talent. I have used (when fighting with creeps)but i see no changes. i even choose my favorite enemy Succubi and i fight eith 120 Succcubi and my archer doesn't hit all Succubi on the map, only the one i shut him....
its your hero that can hit all the succubi.its in the spell book
You must select the ability in your spell book.
Your hero attack all favorite enemyes
it's a really nice talent in a 6 players efo but not very usefull in hunts or other fights

You must select the ability in your spell book.

i suggest you to use expert luck at level 8 and not waste points on rain of arrows or leadership and recruitment :)
a ok. I remember now. I have not playing for many years. But now i remember that i have use this talent before. (i should see it in the magic book, but now since i'm level 8 i have 6 speels so probably i should look to the next page of the magic book.
Thx all
closed by Lord Agelage (2010-11-19 20:21:59)
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