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Hunters License

AuthorHunters License
should I get a hunters license?
It's not recommended unless you are trying for hunt records, only want to do hunts, or have too much gold.
It's way too useless. Whatever your reasons are, it is not worth the cost.
I agree with guys... sooner or later your hunts become impossible to beat... don't rush to that point :P
If you think that you can, you may try.

Your hunts will be impossible, but you can arrange your name in top hunters table.
hunter licence is usefull when you are close to level up you hunter guild level. Remeber each hunt won alone = 2 * 0.5 points in HG

So you could level up HG faster.
If you buy it with diamonds it's really usefull
at lv 12 with the number increase of troups you can do a lot of 6000 exp hunts

it's a waste of money if you buy it with 7000 gold for only 7 days
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