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The Arc Chronicles

AuthorThe Arc Chronicles
The Grand Rebellion - The Prelude

A warrior walks by the bank of the lake, descending down the mountain which was his sanctuary for the past days. He has his eyes set on the journey to the great city, where his fellow compatriots have gathered and shed blood over the week. A week of war. His glance is fixed upon the horizon where the mighty sun begins to set. The hour is at hand. The time has come for his return.


As he trots on past the gates of the Great Capital, mayhem is at every passing scene. Lords of all ages have gathered their arms, siding with whichever they see fit among the warring sides. Though not of the highest and mightiest of lineages, the warrior emboldens himself to venture deep into the city walls, seeking his brothers in arms after casting himself away for far too long a period of time. Indeed, far too long for comfort.

At last, he arrives. Soldiers of all factions, at arms, ready for battle, lining themselves in formation in and about the fort. Commanders and captains bent over maps and tables, discussing in low voices with excitement and sternness in their tone. Messengers hurry about the corridors and walkways, carrying scrolls of orders needed in the control as well as the mobilizing of such an enormous force.

As the fog and mist clears over the encampment, a distinct castle rises from plains - the headquarters of the Rebels.

Entering the battered yet surprisingly still standing garrison, he makes his way to the General of the Grand Rebellion, and reports his services to the conflict. He fights for no man but the Greater Cause - the freedom of the Herald.

I, Lord Arcanyx the First, Knight of the Orient, solemnly pledge my sword and shield, to the Grand Rebellion of the Empire.
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