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Russian dictionary *discussion*


AuthorRussian dictionary *discussion*
nowadays we are dealing with many russians in this game,they frequently assist in battle,they help in group battles,and also in events like demon portal guard an etc.
now the problem is that a game can be won when we can communicate with plans and ideas during battle,russians and players from other countries are having a problem,my plan is that we
put down a list of general russian words -with english translation.
I here Russian... More precisely their Czechia, but Russian I know. And English. With neighbors we perfectly coordinate actions. Both with Russian and with neighbors from other countries.

Russian players not the stupid. They play very well. Experience at them is)
i'm from Russia. not much russians are experienced players.

several russian words 4 TS:
Rus - Eng
privet - hi
otvet/otvetka - retaliation
ohota - hunt
ric - Kn(ricar' - knight)
varvar - barbarian
Russian gamers better use their language in clan chats and PMs.

cuz Most of their words are uncensored or slang.
look,it will become easier for us,russians are not stupid i agree,but when we write something they dont reply,

someone wrote privet i didnt know wat to write i just said hello they said zdarov or something.

for MiXmc:
you forgot OA=AP)))
zdarov means hello.

i also know russian a little.
so u see,this is gonna help a lot of ppl.
Just a short question (which i should use in my ru assistant hunts):
How to say "you're welcome" or something to reply to thanks?
Maybe I guess this is in the wrong forum branch. It should be in the off game forum. Maybe im wrong anyway this helps a lot
Guys, I know the intentions are good, but this thread won't work.

Russian words will need to be written for this thread to make sense and be helpful. And the rules only allow English in the forums.

Moving this, but keep foreign language to bare minimum please.
Topic moved from "General game forum" to "Off-game forum".
i know jedi,

but is it fine if we do it like this

russian word- enlgish translation
It depends on how this rule is enforced:

2.5.1. It is allowed to use other languages in the following cases:
- The phrase is a quotation. In case of large amount of quote text, a brief English rendering is required.

If you allow the Russian word to be classified as a quotation, it can be allowed as long as the English equivalent is provided.
problem is i speak and understand russian perfectly, but i can not for the life of god write russian in english letters. so i can never respond back lol...
for Takesister:
thats rule is only for forums and chat, no1 was ever penalized or blocked for other language that english at battle chat
for dcsniper89:
wat aby privet
for Xarrior:
for crys41:
you r welcome-ne za 4to(nothing 4)
you r welcome-np )
why russian said privet in arabien caractere and not hi?English are not my language and I said hi most of my friend are from india and said hi may be we have to do a dictionary from basic english term -russian term.My friend in hunting is russian and he write a better english then me.I dont like that english be the world's language but look how many people for other country we know and we appreciade and we understand with that.
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