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[Not Created Yet] Elven Fellowship

Author[Not Created Yet] Elven Fellowship
I'm planning on creating a clan called Elven Fellowship. If you play as an elf, or dark elf, or man you can join. I am right now saving up the money to create it. I need help saving up and anyone who would like to help save up will hold high rank in the clan.

RULES (Once clan is created)
1. You must be active (if you are not you will kicked out)
2. Have fun.
3. No cursing in clan chat.

If you would be interested in joining and will follow these rules post here. Also tell how much money you plan on putting towards creating the clan. I have a total of 32k saved up at the moment.
u will need 100k to have a clan
[Post deleted by moderator Kiz // ]
I know that's why I am asking other people if they want to join and will help me save.
You may repost your offical thread in the clan forums once it is created.
Topic moved from "Clans" to "Off-game forum".
@Kiz Isn't it going to be harder for people who are interested to find this thread in this forum, since this forum is for things that don't have to do with the game?

The above rules are tentative. I will most likely add more since they are lacking many important points.

Current People Interested:
1. MarkoWingfield
2. Glorfindal (me)
3. Szass-Tam
for Glorfindal:
Unfortunately if because since the clan isn't created yet, it can't have it's own thread in the clan forum and it's not really a discussion about a game topic (yet).

And by the way, one note: Please remember to watch the gifting and loan limits (https://www.lordswm.com/help.php?section=5 section 3.14 and 3.15) when gathering money for the clan from members. Shared ownership is not allowed from what I know, only 1 person can pay for the clan creation and be the Leader.
Are you allowed to transfer between your own characters as long as they follow those rules?
for Glorfindal:
Nope. No trasnfers or interactions between your own characters is allowed.

And kindly ask such questions in the appropriate forum. not here. Thank you.
We're still saving anyone?
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