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Valentine Artwork! <3

AuthorValentine Artwork! <3
Hi Everyone!

Happy Valentines Day! <3

I was just bored, so I spent some time doing some sketching and stuff! lol


So howz it? :p

Again, have an Awesome Valentinez . . . !!! :D
That is awesome, can i have one? Signed please lol
really good

i really like it plz make some more when ur free i would love to see them too
Thanks! :)

BTW don't forget to send me Valentinez Cards! Hehe!
Roses are red
violets are blue

ladies of the empire
my <3 is with you
its shuld be

roses r red sky is blue
ladies of lordswn
my heart is with u :)

and yaa a funny one plz don't ban me for it

roses r red sky is blue ladies of the empire shuld be kept in the cage of a zoo i would be also there but not inside just present outside laughing at u :)
awesome work , my friend :)
good job
itz awsome
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